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A retail portal from Concrete is more than just an intranet. We ensure your field and stores teams always have access to the content they need, when they need it.

Improve customer service
Develop a competitive edge by delivering a consistent customer experience across all of your retail stores.
Head office visibility
Create a central location for important documents and align retail staff to your retail organization's brand.
Employee engagement
Build engaging employee experiences across your retail organization to develop knowledge, and improve loyalty.

Turn store associates into true brand ambassadors.

Whether it’s marketing assets, standard operating procedures, merchandising information, or company announcements; being able to keep your field and store teams connected to the information they need is one of the most important things retail businesses can do to create a consistent, and exceptional experience.

Unfortunately, when head office shares content through legacy retail intranet solutions, SharePoint, email, or shared drives, it can lead to store teams missing important internal communications.

Concrete Publish can help your retail organization to overcome this challenge. It’s more than just an intranet. It’s your single source of truth – an interactive cloud-based portal for your retail business that can be securely accessed by your partners, and field and store teams.

More than 100k stores associates, in over 160 countries, benefit from our solutions every day, making us the most trusted solution in the retail sector.

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