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Better in-store execution and simplified task management.
Built for today's complex retail environments
Whether you’re managing a new promotion across your stores, ensuring compliance with a new pricing update, or simply alerting staff to new HR directives, you need a way to simplify how you manage and track tasks.

Concrete Tasks overcomes the challenge of trying to coordinate activity, share content, and track tasks through email, or generic task management solutions. With Concrete Tasks, everyone knows what needs to be done, and by when; so you get real-time execution, greater compliance, and better store productivity.
how our customers are benefiting
Industry-leading task completion
From head office teams that need to ensure brand compliance across their owned-stores, and franchise partners, to regional teams that want to coordinate local activity more efficiently; Concrete Tasks offers a powerful way to manage tasks across geographies, regions, and even store types.

Using hierarchical task assignment, it’s easy to create tasks, define categories, and send to selected stores or groups.

To ensure your tasks are completed on-brand, you can even include multimedia content such as videos and images. That’s why our customers regularly benefit from a +95% task completion rate across their stores.
Making store teams more productive
Because stores can be bombarded with emails, store managers often spend more than 50% of their time in the back office. Concrete Tasks’ clean user interface is designed to make it easy for your store teams to prioritize and action the tasks that have been assigned to them with minimal disruption; so they spend less time on admin, and more time on the shop floor.

For head office teams, the Concrete Tasks dashboard makes it easy to manage reminders, monitor feedback, and track task progress across your stores.

And, because Concrete Tasks is cloud-based, activity is synchronized in real-time across your devices, with in-app notifications alerting you to important updates.
what's the best way to manage tasks across your stores?
Prior to using Concrete, U.S denim brand "7 For All Mankind", had been using email and Microsoft SharePoint to manage content and tasks across store teams; but it was slow to update and poorly used.

The brand now uses Concrete to manage tasks across more than 50 stores.
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