Master Franchise Partners: Achieve better store and partner performance.

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The only solution designed to help Master Franchise Partners manage retail operations and increase performance
across a portfolio of stores and partners.

Increase store engagement
Provide owned-stores and sub-franchisee partners with the content they need to execute on-brand, and on-time.
Boost store productivity
Efficiently manage tasks across your portfolio of stores and partners to ensure operational compliance.
Consistent retail execution
Build stronger relationships with your brand partners by demonstrating brand compliance and best practice.

Better task management and store communications can generate a 10% revenue uplift.

As a Master Franchise Partner not only do you need to ensure that you’re meeting the obligations of your retail brand partnerships, but you have multiple sub-franchisees and owned-stores to performance manage.

Concrete for Master Franchise Partners is designed to help you achieve this, and drive better retail execution and performance with coordinated communications and task management.

If you’re trying to manage your franchise operations through email, track activity through spreadsheets, or share content as attachments, you already know how difficult it is to consistently drive best-practice across your owned-stores and sub-franchisee partners, and then track compliance. Whether it’s a visual merchandising directive, promotional content, or a company announcement, when important information is shared through email or shared drives, updates and tasks can be easily missed, leaving teams using outdated, and inaccurate content and putting brand compliance and operational efficiency at risk.

Concrete solves this with the only solution designed to help Master Franchise Partners better coordinate and track activity and communications across a portfolio.

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