The tool that every Master Franchisee needs to grow their business.

  • Improve retail operations through improved Task Management & Store Communications.
  • Build better relationships with your franchise partners.
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Increase store engagement and boost productivity.

As the Master Franchisee, you’ve worked extensively with the Franchisor, and have intimate knowledge of their business model, brand, and franchise operations.  It’s now your responsibility to push this training and best-practice down to your stores and sub-franchisee partners. However, as your operations grow it becomes increasingly challenging to deploy resource into local markets for on-site training and ongoing support.

So, how can you achieve this effectively?

Concrete is the only solution designed to help Master Franchisees manage retail operations and increase performance across a portfolio of stores and partners.

Advertising and promotions: Build a branded, cloud-based retail intranet where your local stores and teams can access the materials they need to implement your marketing plan effectively!

Training & Development: Use Concrete to assign training tasks, and then monitor staff completion. Centralize your training assets and make them instantly available to your stores and partners.

Visual Merchandising: Better manage and coordinate Visual Merchandising activity. Concrete lets your planning teams manage reminders, monitor store feedback, and track task completion.

Retail Operations: From company announcements and new directives, to sharing standard operating procedures and providing ongoing support; keep everyone connected to your most important content, and track progress towards your goals through Concrete’s "built-for-retail" task management features.

Concrete is the industry’s most trusted solution for improving operational retail performance. If you want to grow your business, and build trusted relationships with your franchise partners, Concrete can help. Book a demo with one of our experts, and we can show you how!
Increase store engagement
Provide owned-stores and sub-franchisee partners with the content they need to execute on-brand, and on-time.
Boost store productivity
Efficiently manage tasks across your portfolio of stores and partners to ensure operational compliance.
Consistent retail execution
Build stronger relationships with your brand partners by demonstrating brand compliance and best practice.

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