Empower your staff

Provide the tools to enable staff to do their job well. Onboard, train and quiz them with centralised and always up-to-date content.

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Build your dream team

Knowledgeable and skillful sales associates are the difference between great stores and good stores. Educate on product knowledge to maximize sales and customer experiences.

  • Empower employees to self-learn and execute perfectly from a single repository for all your field content.
  • Easily manage, publish and search manuals, guidelines, policies, procedures, and the latest campaigns to ensure everyone has the latest and greatest content.
  • Train and quiz your employees with advanced survey and form options created to your own liking.

Employee everything from the start

Engage your field team on a journey of development and achievement in the Concrete app. With that, your workforce will be able to see and do everything they need to execute and feel well on the workfloor.

  • Record work done
  • Log team skills
  • Reward success
  • Make better employment decisions

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“Concrete has changed the way we work as a business, and has saved on costs and admin time.”

Learn how Monsoon Accessorize kept all of its 660 international stores aligned with the brand.


Request a demo

Concrete is the one-stop-shop to connect you with your store team, wherever they are. Schedule a demo today to see how your company can benefit from: 

  • 1-3% sales uplift

  • 40% increase in customer facing time

  • 50% reduction in associate churn