What’s your retail brand worth?

March 8, 2018

The list of the top ten most valuable brands on the planet is dominated by technology companies – Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon for example.

You’d imagine that gaining the sort of brand value that dominates a list like this doesn’t come cheap. But while many of the world’s top brands spend billions of dollars on advertising, there’s no immediate correlation between ad spend and brand value. In fact the world’s most valuable brand (Apple), spent less than half on advertising ($1.8bn) than Google in second spot ($3.9bn).

Brand value is about more than just great advertising

That’s because many of these brand leaders, including Concrete clients such as L’Oreal (the 33rd most valuable brand on the planet in case you were interested), know that brand value is about more than just expensive advertising. It’s also about extending your brand principles across everything you do, and across all of your customer touchpoints – including retail. 

Brands that invest the time and effort in building great retail experiences, with passionate and knowledgeable staff, can see huge gains without the big advertising bills.Just walk into any Apple store and you’ll know this makes absolute sense. 

Unfortunately, for many brands there’s a huge gap in the way they communicate to their customers, and the way they are able to communicate and bring the vision to life for retail staff. 

Find consistent performance

For the retail brands that Concrete works, companies like L’Oreal, Vans, Tiffany & Co., and J.Crew, the opportunities are clear. By enabling Head Office, or Regional Management, to centrally manage the distribution of brand, promotional, and operational content and tasks, they can ensure field teams always have access to the right information at the right time. That means consistent performance, an ability to monitor compliance, and a well-executed in-store experience that lives up to the brand promise.

Kate Spade New York is just one example. Concrete helped the brand to manage its international expansion, allowing the team to share all the best practice, measurements, layouts and collateral that were need to roll out store, after store, while keeping each completely brand compliant. Today, no matter which store you visit, the experience is consistent thanks to the brand’s continued use of Concrete.

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