John Hardy uses Concrete Publish to better manage its wholesale partnerships

September 13, 2018

We’re delighted to share the news that John Hardy – the luxury jewelry company, has expanded its use of Concrete Publish to cover its wholesale operations.

John Hardy first began using Concrete Publish and Concrete Tasks in 2017, to better connect head office with field sales teams who needed access to key promotional, operational and brand content.

Today, Concrete Publish is being rolled-out to 250 users across the retail brand’s wholesale partners – including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus. This will allow John Hardy’s field sales teams to better manage the distribution of key merchandising information and brand assets to partners. Prior to Concrete Publish, the team used a combination of email and Dropbox; however this made it hard to control permissions and ensure the right teams had access to the right content.

“Traditional methods for engaging with wholesale partners and launching new product lines (such as Market Week in New York), can only go so far. Turn-out can often be low, and the brand needs a continuous channel into their partners to share updates,” explained Barney Craggs, Chief Commercial Officer at Concrete. “Concrete Publish is a cloud-based portal that meets this challenge by helping retailers to build a home for their brand online. With Concrete Publish there’s no more confusion; field and store teams, as well as wholesale partners, always know where to find the information they need - from Standard Operating Procedures, and visual merchandising directives, to promotional content and company announcements.”

“It’s fantastic news that John Hardy has seen such value in Concrete, and has decided to roll it out to its wider wholesale network. I’m confident that it will be instrumental in helping to build more engaged, and informed partnerships,” finished Craggs.

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