Introducing Approver Groups to Concrete Tasks

October 2, 2018

For many tasks issued across a retail organization, completion is often accompanied with the in-store team being required to submit photographic evidence for review and approval – a new window display, or in-store promotion for example.

Unfortunately, when it comes to meeting a deadline it’s often this review and approve stage that can cause bottlenecks and delays.

That’s why we’ve launched “Approver Groups”.

Concrete Tasks already includes “Approval Chains”– where approvals pass through an ordered list of multiple approvers. However, we recognize that in many cases there could be several team members within your business with the authority to approve a task.

Approver Groups allows anyone within the group to approve the task (perhaps anyone within a designated head office team, or region). Once any individual within the Approver Group has approved the task it’s marked as complete! This makes it a highly effective way of reducing bottlenecks and ensuring your tasks are completed accurately and on time.

All existing users have immediate access to Approver Groups and are now able to select their approval type (Group or Chain), when creating a new task.

If you’d like to see Concrete Tasks in action, and learn how it could benefit your retail organization, request a demo below!

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