Can your creative team balance demand with quality?

March 8, 2018

When your retail network comprises stores, franchises, and wholesale partners, keeping control of your brand can sometimes be challenging.

In most cases it’s your creative team at the coalface, managing a constant demand for in-store promotional assets, localized advertising, and more.

It can put an enormous amount of pressure on the team – juggling resources, budgets, and deadlines, all while trying to maintain consistently high standards.

·         Too much time spent planning, sharing and reviewing work.

·         Briefs being submitted with unrealistic deadlines.

·         Briefs being submitted with missing information.

·         Having to pick through emails to consolidate feedback on designs.

·         Quality of work being compromised because of tight deadlines.

If these sound familiar then you’re not alone. In fact they’re the Top Five challenges creative teams tell us they face!

It’s why we developed Concrete Manage, to help creative teams better control the production of creative content; from improving the briefing process, and increasing visibility over work items, through to final artwork reviews and expediting approvals.

Here are three ways that Concrete Manage can expedite the collection, tracking, and management of your creative requests.

1. More consistent briefs: Our Dynamic Briefing Forms take the complexity out of chasing down incomplete briefs through email. With Manage, there’s no room for error. Not only does Manage make it easier for your retail network to request creative assets, but tailored briefing forms mean they always contain the information and supporting material you need.

2. Improved visibility: Because Manage is cloud-based, it keeps your entire team synchronized to the latest updates. Customized dashboards and calendars means you have complete visibility over team workload, and can quickly identify potential risks to budget, resource, or deadlines.

3. Expedite approvals: Managing feedback and picking through email from stakeholders can create delays. With Manage, stakeholders can directly annotate visuals and add comments, making it easier for you to coordinate feedback and track approvals.

When UK-based retail brand Mamas & Papas looked to manage a full rebrand, they turned to Concrete Manage.

“The improved speed that Concrete Manage provided us for processing jobs, knowing exactly where jobs were and who was working on them, all at the touch of a button was critical to us delivering the rebrand on time,” said their Studio Manager.

Concrete is built for retail brands that want to maximize store performance, and achieve a consistent experience across their retail network. If you’d like to see it in action, book a demo below!

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