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Chicago, IL – Concrete has announced a strategic partnership with Workforce Software, the world’s leading provider of optimized workforce scheduling tools. The partnership will bring each company’s best-of-breed products to new potential customers. With stores being the mainstay of retail revenue, it is crucial store staff are given all the help they can get to maximize the in-store experience and basket value of every customer. To help achieve this, Concrete provides a powerful retail communications platform that allows all head office teams to create and collate plans, tasks and education, and deliver this value to stores, globally. This improves staff efficiency, and information accuracy, but most importantly, delivers a better in-store experience for staff and customers, so driving higher basket value.

“Workforce Software has been a leader in workforce optimization for nearly 30 years. Our customers are looking for advice on issues like how fair scheduling can increase productivity right now and it’s great for us to have such a credible partner,” says Tristan Rogers, CEO of Concrete.

David Farquhar, Group CEO at Workforce Software agrees. “We both play in the same ecosystem and our products are highly complementary.”

Workforce Software is the world’s first employee-friendly forecasting and scheduling tool optimized for employers of hourly-paid workers. Our SaaS product gives performance visibility to HQ, empowers location managers to shape schedules that reflect local conditions, and engages employees, delivering work-life balance and satisfaction levels through our mobile app to improve customer service and drive revenue. With over 300 customers worldwide and offices in London, Chicago and Sydney, Workforce Sofwtare schedules over 500,000 workers every day in 75 countries. Workforce Software customers include companies globally, including Rite Aid, Wireless Vision, World Kitchen, Go Outdoors and DW Sports. Find out more at Workplace.