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We help global retailers to manage the production of creative and artwork jobs with fewer pains, greater clarity and a refreshingly simple approach


We are aware of the challenges facing the creative teams of global retail brands, increasingly tighter deadlines, constant change to meet market needs and disparate organisations. The challenge of supporting teams around the globe, with a growing workload and the need to ensure consistent presentation of the brand, means the correct tools need to be in place, so you save time on administrative tasks and more time creating the brand.

Manage is a cloud based workflow tool that helps you to manage the production of creative and artwork jobs. Supporting multiple creative teams and the variable briefs through a single application, to ensure complete visibility and consistency across the different channels.

A live dashboard shows all running jobs
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• How much time is spent planning, sharing and reviewing current workload?
• How many briefs are submitted with unrealistic deadlines?
• What are the costs associated with ensuring you have the appropriate resource in place?
• What are the costs to the business from rushed jobs and missed deadlines?
• How many jobs do the Packaging team have on this week?

These are some of the questions we ask our clients and some of the issues we aim to solve with the Manage application. By adopting an online workflow management tool, it enables you to access live information whatever your location. Visibility means less time spent updating your customers and more time available to create the content that makes your brand.

Flexible dashboards

We know that every company does things a little differently, so we created a flexible dashboard where you decide what information from a brief is instantly available. Whether that is the job type, assignees or deadline dates, you choose. The dashboard is also unique to the user and team that you sit in, so you only see information relevant to you.

Calendar view

Keep track of all current and future work, by switching to the calendar view. This view allows you to quickly identify any potential risks, resource issues or missed deadlines, so you can work more efficiently and keep costs down.

Jobs include the details that are important to your business and production teams
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Briefing forms

Dynamic briefs

We know how much time can be wasted chasing incomplete briefs, but we also know that understanding exactly what information is required is complex. To solve this we created Dynamic Brief forms. Depending on the job type selected and the users answers to defined questions, you can define which options appear. Prompts and guidance ensures you are provided with all the information you need to complete the job. We work with our clients to create tailor made briefs, creating a truly customised workflow whatever the job. Creating the most efficient briefing process possible.

Everything in one place

Within the briefing form all the information you need is held in one place. The briefing form can contain the brief information, attachments and all commentary and feedback relevant to the job. No more endless threads of confusing emails, just a single efficient reference point wherever you are.

The improved speed that Manage provided us for processing jobs, knowing exactly where jobs were and who was working on them, all at the touch of a button was critical to us delivering the rebrand on time.
Studio Manager,
Mamas & Papas
Work together to review & approve artwork, imagery, or packaging
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Review & approve

One of the most important steps in the process can also be one of the most frustrating. Whether it is multiples pieces of conflicting feedback, long confusing email threads or long delays due to availability of approvers.

Within the Manage application you have the option to integrate with our online review and approve application. Simply upload the file(s) you require feedback or approval on, select the relevant contacts and wait while all feedback is consolidated in one single place. Users can even draw on the document and add context specific comments, which you can feedback to directly. Multiple versions of the file(s) can be added and when ready, we track all approvals and link it back to the relevant Manage job.

As with all of Concrete’s tools, users can access the system anywhere they have an internet connection, meaning you can approve that file whilst waiting for your next flight.

Receive relevant reminders as deadlines approach and/or jobs reach key production stages



It is important you are updated when things change, but it's equally important that you are not overwhelmed with irrelevant notifications. Within Manage we have created a flexible notification system that allows you to decide which notifications are important to you.

Notice a job in the dashboard that you would like to follow, simply click the Subscribe button to start receiving notifications.

Received a notification that someone has made a comment on your job? No need to login to the system just review the message and reply, your message will be automatically added to the comments section of the job.

Want an overview of changes to your job? All changes are tracked and displayed conveniently in the brief form.

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