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M&S’ International marketing managers were using spreadsheets to create and share their plans with Head Office. Delays in collating the plans meant that they were never up-to-date, leaving key decisions on availability and trading strategy to be made on incomplete information.

The M&S team was looking for a way to improve visibility over what was happening in their stores and to cut down the delays in communication that cost them money and opportunities.

Concrete helps teams across M&S plan together in near-real-time and track any activities as they progress so managers at Head Office can easily get a live view of what’s happening in their stores from one place.

By having one central account of current, planned and historical activity across all business areas, comparisons can be made, risks and opportunities quickly identified and key business indicators can be tracked.

Concrete has reduced the amount of time and resource spent collating information and avoids the pitfalls of planning off-line, such as duplicated effort and out of date information. By connecting the international and domestic teams, activity can now be planned in synergy rather than isolation, leading to improved efficiency.

For M&S, Concrete acts as a hub connecting all teams and employees online. Social planning lets them plan and manage activities and clashes across department, surveys let them get feedback from employees quickly on important initiatives and their engagement hub gives HR a central place to train managers in the best ways to keep teams engaged.

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