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We love Kipling’s range of monkey-logo’d bags, so we were thrilled when they chose to join us in 2014. Given a clear revenue objective to support, Concrete is helping them scale their processes by managing them all together online.

When we met them in 2013, Kipling had the clear objective to grow their revenues from $500m to $1bn – equivalent to seven million bags per year – by shifting focus from wholesale to retail.However, when attempting to make this change the company was often hamstrung by paper-based processes that consume a great deal of time and energy. A few people at the centre of all the projects were constantly bombarded by Excel sheets, Word documents and visual documents trying to track projects manually and keep teams in line. This often produced not the best results and frequent communication difficulties. In order to overcome this challenge, Kipling decided to move these management tasks to the cloud.

Concrete’s workflow management, review and approval tools now let the team at the centre automate review processes and manage all projects from one place. Instead of constantly chasing others to get new information and updates on project timings, they can just passively track and keep an eye on what is happening. This has freed up far more of their time to focus on more productive, value-creating activities.

In addition, all teams related to the projects can see and update where a project stands - as well as get any collateral they need to complete their role in it - so that they are not losing time worrying about a project’s status or constantly calling for updates. This has created far greater productivity and efficiency for all.

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