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Kate Spade New York

We love the kate spade new york brand, and started working with them in 2012 to improve store communications and roll-out processes. Since then, they have become one of the most widespread users of Concrete in the network.

kate spade had ambitious plans for international expansion in 2012-16. With 40 new stores planned worldwide outside the US alone, they needed to get their store roll-out process very tight. This was made even more complex by them having a mixture of joint venture and franchise-run as well as wholly owned stores across their network, so visibility and collaboration at the time was poor among those they didn’t own.

They needed a communications platform that would tie together all their teams involved in the process, and allow HQ to organise each store launch in a systematic, repeatable but adaptable manner.
With Concrete, store teams could see what each other was doing and keep track of any changes in the phase timings. With the content system, they could share all the best practice, measurements, layouts and collateral that were need to roll out store after store while keeping each bang-on-brand. With the store task management system, they could then communicate with each store easily to check they were all set up and rolling. This ‘store comms’ would then carry on being the day-to-day platform for managing the stores internationally from launch and beyond.

In 2012-13 kate spade new york launched 100 stores; in 2013-14 they launched their added 40 to the international network. The platform internally has seen great success, receiving praise from operational and marketing teams for the visibility it affords them, saving money, time, and allowing store managers to report back consistently from ground level in cases of emergency or new information.

It also allows their partner stores to log in just as easily, meaning whatever their business setup ( joint ventures / franchise / wholly owned), each store draws from the same pot and uses the same branded materials - creating the same delightful, colourful kate spade experience consistently, whichever store or country the customer might be in.

Such was the success of the platform in the international business, in fact, that 6 months into the project the domestic side of the business joined Concrete too, creating an end-to-end collaboration network across the whole kate spade brand.

The result is an agile, digitally transformed business that can react to changes in customer behaviour and capture new market opportunities with far greater ease than before. We’re proud to be the connective force behind the colour.

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