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Since starting with project and content management back in 2006, Concrete now helps Gap run its whole global marketing network in the cloud - right from planning activities at executive level, (and) down to executing campaigns on the ground.

Gap had over 3400 stores worldwide, including several hundred run by international franchise partners, who were separate to the company. A great challenge was maintaining brand consistency across all these stores - where communication between HQ and stores was very manual and labour-intensive. Delivering campaigns to tight timescales was incredibly difficult, since they would have to use unreliable physical networks, emails and Excel to do so.

Gap chose Concrete’s platform as the only one able to deliver on their complex needs with the stringent level of security required to contain their confidential data. Concrete’s planning tool helps teams across the world plan their activities together, and take account of any inconsistencies or clashes that might occur as the result of changes. Workflow and content management make sure that any briefs, activities and collateral contained in the platform are centrally accessible online to everyone who needs them - with strict permissions management available to restrict who sees what. This has the added bonus of directing teams just to what they need - rather than having to look around in a massive file server.

Now review processes on documents are executed through the platform, making Concrete Gap’s system of record for international marketing across their network. In addition, Sales, Learning and Development, Visual Merchandising, Merchandising, Planning, Sales Admin, Store Design and Finance teams can all use the platform to check up on any changes in activities that affect them - creating a social network across the company that ties teams together based on their work rather than them having to add unnecessary updates.

The result has been a great improvement to Gap’s global operating efficiency. By having a single solution for all their teams’ needs, Gap have managed to reduce their time to market, lower expenditure, streamline store roll-outs and communication and connect up their whole network to be visible and auditable from HQ worldwide.

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