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American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) joined Concrete in 2013 to connect up their teams with stores and partners worldwide. Now they can plan together, share knowledge and check on store layouts from HQ anywhere in the world.

As a growing global brand, AEO were looking to improve productivity and visibility across their enterprise, including the whole store network. Where new stores were rolling out internationally, including many run by franchise partners, they were starting to see cracks in their communications and operations, as well as brand consistency suffering under the high-speed growth. AEO needed to align not only their own teams, but also their partners’ teams to achieve expansion goals reliably while maintaining their great brand experience at each point.

AEO chose Concrete for the combination of visibility it allows via social planning and the communication and productivity benefits of getting everyone in their teams onto the same online platform. By tying their teams together, AEO managers are now able to share business and expansion plans with multiple teams at once, allowing any of them to get notifications of any changes that might affect them, as well as get feedback from stores on the ground.

Via a single, connective online environment, managers in HQ can now also get a quick overview of store layouts and key performance metrics, allowing them to track their in-store customer experience and contact stores to react faster to changes that need to be made.

AEO globally have seen several operational benefits from the platform, including improved productivity, from both: 

  • Improved productivity - from teams internationally and domestically, thanks to new ways of working.
  • A consistent brand image - thanks to sharing collateral and feedback easily.
  • Joined-up planning across the business - away from Excel-based silos into one visible and centralised place.
  • Increased agility - as part of the ongoing digital transformation of their business, AEO teams internally can better learn from feedback in local markets, while retaining the best practices from HQ.

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